Cylinder Assembly


Manufacturing technology

Manufacture is carried out by skilled technicians utilising:


  • 1x Hydraulic Stripping Bench,
  • 1x Hydraulic Assembly Bench,
  • 10x Lathes,
  • 5x NC Lathe,
  • 3x NC Machining Centre,
  • 1x Radial Drilling Machine,
  • 2x Hydraulic Press,
  • 2x Horizontal Boring Mill,
  • 1x Milling Machine,
  • 4x CO2 and Arc Welding Equipment,
  • 1x Honing Machine,
  • Measuring Instrumentation,
  • Computerised Cylinder Test Bench – Capable of testing cylinders up to 7.5m stroke at 700 bar,
  • Single Acting Cylinder Test Bench,
  • Computerised Pump Test Benches 165Kw & 75Kw – Capable of testing pumps up to 700 LPM and 400 bar.
Cylinder Assembly

Testing Facilities

After the assembly the hydraulic components will be thoroughly tested on our test benches with no human intervention. A test certificate will accompany every hydraulic component. If necessary the final product will be coated with Tectile to prevent rust during the shipping/transport period as well as crated.

Testing large bore cylinders
  1. Cylinder testing – capable of testing cylinders at 700 bar with variable speed control up to 20m.
  2. Single acting cylinder test bench
  3. Computerised pump test benches–165Kw&74Kw Capable of testing components up to 700LPM and 400 bars pumps, valves, motors and brake for testing of wheelmotors
Hydraulic Cylinder Stripping Bench

Hydraulic Cylinder Stripping Bench

The hydraulic stripping allows cylinders to be stripped horizontally, this system ensures that there is no chance of secondary damage occurring to the cylinder components during the stripping process.

Shown here is a cylinder being assembled by means of the hydraulic assembly bench. This system eliminates the risk of any secondary damage occurring when assembling cylinders.


PLC Based Cylinder Test Bench

The system is designed to test cylinders independently of a human operator.

Once the test has been aborted it is impossible for the operator to print a test certificate until the unit has been retested.

We believe that this system is the first of its kind in South Africa, and may well be the first on the African Continent.


PLC Test Bench Specifications

  • Testing of cylinders independently of human intervention
  • Automatic test abort if bypass occurs or stroke length is out of specification parameters
  • Only successful tests can have a test report printed
  • Test pressure up to 700 bar
  • Cylinder stroke up to 7.5 m
  • Cylinder diameter up to 0.8 m


New 4m CNC

CNC Division

Apart from our normal machine shop that covers 3000 m², our CNC division allows us to handle large volumes of hydraulic manufacturing and repairs of all different sizes and consist of the following equipment:

New 4 Axis machining centre
  • 2 x 2m CNC lathes
  • 1 x 4m CNC lathe
  • 1 x 3m CNC lathe
  • 3 x machining centers


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