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Sisonke Hydraulics & Engineering (Pty) Ltd specialises in the design and development, manufacturing and reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders pumps, valves and motors serving the mining, construction, earthmoving and steel-making industries.

The Directors of Sisonke Hydraulics & Engineering (Pty) Ltd are committed to providing our customers with world class service in the hydraulic and pump industry thereby also contributing to the success of our customers, suppliers and all our employees. The company will further strive to develop our employees through training, and the provision of a secure and equitable working environment, which respects the rights of all.

As a valued customer to RMSH we will be keeping very strict control over your product by means of various Key Performer Indicators (KPI's).


Our sales and technical personnel work closely with our customers to identify any actual or potential problems with components, and thereafter to provide realistic and cost effective solutions in Africa.


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